Moving on

I contacted Joe Kearney because I was having a hard time dealing with distressing and persistent thoughts regarding my partner's infidelity several years earlier, even though I knew the affair was long over. As painful as the whole experience had been for me, I wanted to get beyond it and stop letting thoughts of it steal so much of my time and energy. I'd made a lot of progress, but I was stuck. Joe helped me explore my feelings about it in ways I hadn't thought of before, and he gave me some techniques for defusing my thoughts and feelings. I also had two sessions of EMDR therapy, and the results have astonished me. It seems like something that wouldn't really work, but I feel calm and in control of my thoughts and emotions again; the triggers that for so long would leave me either sobbing or spitting nails just don't have that effect anymore. I only wish I'd found Beechmount a couple of years ago! Thank you, Joe.
A client, (2013) 2 meetings

Recovery from a car accident

I am glad to say that I have benefited greatly from the EMDR therapy which I have recently completed. I approached the treatment with an open mind and although the flashing lights seemed a little weird at first, I persevered and to my surprise, I seem to be cured. When I first started the therapy, I began to shake and become stressed when talking about my car accident and was very nervous of both driving a car and being a passenger. After my therapy, I do not seem to have any of those symptoms, which is extraordinary. I cannot begin to understand how it works but would recommend it to anyone having similar problems. Joe is a very patient, pleasant and approachable person who has helped me immensely.
A client, 2013 (8 Meetings)

Lifting the Fog & Darkness

Following an incident last year at work, I was sent to see Joe and I had the typical male feelings that I don't need any of this and that this was a waste of time, however with Hobson’s choice I attended, and decided like anything in life as I was there I would make the most of the situation. On meeting Joe for the first time I found him to be a nice person with a unique sense of humour. After our first session he suggested that I try the EMDR Treatment. At first I was quite sceptical but decided I would give it a chance. Who would think that following a light with your eyes would enable you to open up and start to let you unlock “issues” and memories that you did not realise were having an effect on you some 35 yrs after they had occurred. It was not until the third session that I began to see the “glimmers” of a breakthrough and I realised that it was indeed helping me to deal with subconscious issues that I had buried deep inside, which until now I never knew were even there. What I found was that it allowed me identify what “triggers” certain behaviour and reactions. Then this allowed me to avoid putting myself in that position. If you are consciously aware of the triggers, you can actively do something about it. Also during my sessions, I had some life changing events happen to me that will change my own circumstances totally. Joe was very good at asking the question “What do you want to do?” This forced me to start to think & focus on this for the first time in my adult life. I am so glad that I took advantage of the situation offered to me. Not only has it allowed me to move on with baggage removed, it has given me the confidence to start to plan to move my life in a direction that I want to go rather than one than I am being driven by. If anybody has any reservations about trying the treatment, I urge you to find the courage and go for it as it does really work and you can come through it a much more positive & contented person. Finally I would like to thank Joe, not only for his friendship & support, which I know will continue even though our sessions have ended, but for the journey he took me through in our sessions. These have changed me as a person, and no matter how small I personally think the change is in me, it is the impact and improvement on the relationships that I am experiencing with both the people I work with on a daily basis but also my family that is the bonus.
A client 2013 (4 meetings)

Finding freedom from troubling memories

Having been sent to see Joe by work I had the typical male response that I don't need any of this and why should I go,but decided to give it a go. On meeting Joe I found him to be very pleasant and actually quite funny. After our first session he had suggested that I try the EMDR Treatment at first I was quite sceptical but decided I would give it a chance. After the first attempt at the EMDR, I had my reservations about it even more but still continued with the treatment. Who would think that placing a couple of vibrating paddles in your hands would enable you to deal with life horrors. It was not until the third session that I began to see the first signs of a breakthrough and I realised that it was indeed helping me to deal with the issues that I had buried deep inside my head, which until now I never knew how to. What I found was that it allowed me to leave the horrors of the outside world at the door and the confidence to deal with my baggage at an adult level and not keep them trapped inside my head where they could not be dealt with. I am so glad that I didn't act like your typical male and think I'm too hard to try anything like this and everything will go away eventually. If anybody has any reservations about trying the treatment leave them at the door and go for it - IT REALLY WORKS To Joe I send my many thanks for everything that we achieved together no matter how small we think the change is in ourselves is, it's makes a massive difference to the people we love.
A client.(2013) 8 meetings

Driving anxiety lifts

I was recommended to Joe by an acquaintance who believed the techniques he uses would benefit me. I had an incident shortly after passing my driving test and this resulted in me developing a fear of being in control of a car . Occasionally I would take to the road but I found myself increasingly hiding behind excuses why I shouldn't drive until I reached a point where I stopped completely. It had been nearly twenty years since I had driven a car when I went to Joe for help. I must admit I was sceptical when he explained the technique to me, this being watching a light move from side to side and following it with my eyes, but I put my faith in him. It was hard not to, he is a fantastic man, knowledgeable, funny and sincere. I had never done anything like that before in my life, opening up to someone, but I felt comfortable confiding in him. It was as we chatted, that other events started to attract his attention. I always had anger and anxiety issues and "detective" Joe traced these back to a single event in my early years that he believed might be the root of my problems, my fear of driving included. To me, what had happened was just another childhood event, not particularly dramatic, but he had the skill to realise that it had had a huge impact on my young brain. He worked on this using EDMR (Google it). I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. He sometimes refers to the technique as witchcraft and believe me that is what it felt like. Where previously I would have expected my anger or anxiety to surface, I realised that the usual building from within did not happen. I found myself remaining in control of the situation and not losing out to my temper or fears. I was able to remain rational and functional, I am now in control of myself and not relying on the child within me for answers, ( I'll let Joe explain that to you). As for the driving, I am now back behind the wheel with none of the anxiety that forced me to quit. I am taking lessons again to build my confidence and technique, and I expect to be driving normally in a couple of weeks. I am also enjoying a relationship with my parents that I never thought I would ever have, as an adult and not a frightened child. As I said, I was sceptical but sometimes in life we must trust the judgement of others and thanks to the recommendation, the EDMR, and Joe (although he won't thank me for suggesting he had anything to do with my "cure"), I am now the person I always wished I could be. I am enjoying life probably more than I ever have done as I am free from the chains of anxiety and fear that for so long held me back. My only regret is that I did not do this when I was a lot younger. Thank you Joe.
A client, 6 meetings (2012)

Work-related stress

I was experiencing considerable work-related stress, due to high job demands, little control and a non-supportive manager. I was anxious about seeing a a man, a stranger, to open up my feelings to. I could not have asked for a warmer, friendlier and more understanding person than Joe Kearney. He put me at ease and after my 2nd session I was able to trust him. He was reassuring and honest with me and gave me my confidence back. I can be strong and put my life back in order. I had EMDR therapy; this gave me a clearer understanding of the problems that I have to tackle. Not alone that, but his understanding of stress issues in the workplace have ensured that, as my working life continues, I have learned that bullying and unsupportive behaviour is unacceptable at work and the steps I can take to address it. Thank you Joe, keep up your good work and I hope you continue to help many others.
A client (2012) 6 meetings

Out of the shadows and into the sunshine

I went through a trauma when I was 18 years old. I had normal counselling afterwards and thought that I was ok. But whatever I thought, there were things that I couldn’t help. Like flashbacks in the day, or freezing suddenly, or feeling afraid for no apparent reason. I could rationalise it all I wanted, such as it was not my fault, but that wasn’t how I felt. What I did feel was that there was a hole in me where something had been ripped out. I approached EMDR with caution, not really sure how to handle blue lights flashing up and down a black bar. It was a slow process, taking a lot of getting used to. The thoughts and emotions were locked deep inside me, like a box with the lid firmly slammed down. But each week, Gerry patiently prised the lid open for a peek, and patiently went fishing through my box to find the angle to open it up. Somewhere between two vibrating tappers in my hand and those blue lights my memory let go of the fears, and the lies, and attached to the truth instead. Now even the pain has receded. Instead of being and open bleeding wound, it feels only that I have stubbed my toe, and although I can still remember the table I stubbed it on, the table is not here in the room – it is just a memory of a past event. It no longer overwhelms me. Gerry was calm, and happy to accept the challenge, to keep working on it and not give up. The EMDR has changed my reaction to the trauma in a way that normal counselling couldn’t. Thank you so much Gerry for your time and efforts. It is so very much appreciated.
A Client (2012) This person is in their 20's and used 20 meetings.

Post traumatic stress disorder

I suffered the effects of post traumatic stress disorder after marital problems and an assault. I knew I needed help to stop the obsessive thoughts, fear and anger that was stopping me from moving on and regaining my happiness. I found the sessions with Gerry using EMDR helped me have other, more helpful and calmer, thoughts about the events that were upsetting me and I can now see a future where painful memories will hardly intrude - something I never believed possible just a few months ago. I also understand myself much more as EMDR helps you realise that you have the ability in yourself to become strong and move on. I also appreciated Gerry's insight, knowledge and humour during some rather dark times and know that if I ever need to I can always go back for a one off session to get me back on track.
A client. (2012) 7 meetings

Never looked back

Joe You assisted me through one of the most difficult times I've had in my life and I am so grateful for our sessions together. When we returned to Australia, I continued on my medication for 6 months and maintained weekly appointments with a psychologist whilst setting up my own business and have never looked back! The business has taken the next step and I now have great staff working for me. I am doing something I was born to do!
A client (2009) 6 meetings

Recovery from panic attacks

I can only thank Joe from the bottom of my heart for helping and curing me of my anxiety. Anxiety and panic attacks were a daily occurance, sometimes 3 a day, which i can only describe as physically exhausting and the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. Joe was welcoming from the start, always able to crack an Irish joke at the right moment! I had EMDR treatment, which like others have said, is amazing, and had no idea i had remembered all these thoughts from years ago that turned out to be affecting my day-to-day life. So we went back to the start and dealt with all the issues one by one, and after each EMDR session felt like a piece of the jigsaw had fallen into place. If anyone ever said to me what EMDR treatment is like, i would simply say life changing. I now live a panic attack free life, and know techniques I can use if I ever do feel like one is on its way. Joe is amazing! I also quite like his cats! :) ' Thanks Joe
A client (2012) 6 meetings