Moving on

I contacted Joe Kearney because I was having a hard time dealing with distressing and persistent thoughts regarding my partner's infidelity several years earlier, even though I knew the affair was long over. As painful as the whole experience had been for me, I wanted to get beyond it and stop letting thoughts of it steal so much of my time and energy. I'd made a lot of progress, but I was stuck. Joe helped me explore my feelings about it in ways I hadn't thought of before, and he gave me some techniques for defusing my thoughts and feelings. I also had two sessions of EMDR therapy, and the results have astonished me. It seems like something that wouldn't really work, but I feel calm and in control of my thoughts and emotions again; the triggers that for so long would leave me either sobbing or spitting nails just don't have that effect anymore. I only wish I'd found Beechmount a couple of years ago! Thank you, Joe.
A client, (2013) 2 meetings