Lifting the Fog & Darkness

Following an incident last year at work, I was sent to see Joe and I had the typical male feelings that I don't need any of this and that this was a waste of time, however with Hobson’s choice I attended, and decided like anything in life as I was there I would make the most of the situation. On meeting Joe for the first time I found him to be a nice person with a unique sense of humour. After our first session he suggested that I try the EMDR Treatment. At first I was quite sceptical but decided I would give it a chance. Who would think that following a light with your eyes would enable you to open up and start to let you unlock “issues” and memories that you did not realise were having an effect on you some 35 yrs after they had occurred. It was not until the third session that I began to see the “glimmers” of a breakthrough and I realised that it was indeed helping me to deal with subconscious issues that I had buried deep inside, which until now I never knew were even there. What I found was that it allowed me identify what “triggers” certain behaviour and reactions. Then this allowed me to avoid putting myself in that position. If you are consciously aware of the triggers, you can actively do something about it. Also during my sessions, I had some life changing events happen to me that will change my own circumstances totally. Joe was very good at asking the question “What do you want to do?” This forced me to start to think & focus on this for the first time in my adult life. I am so glad that I took advantage of the situation offered to me. Not only has it allowed me to move on with baggage removed, it has given me the confidence to start to plan to move my life in a direction that I want to go rather than one than I am being driven by. If anybody has any reservations about trying the treatment, I urge you to find the courage and go for it as it does really work and you can come through it a much more positive & contented person. Finally I would like to thank Joe, not only for his friendship & support, which I know will continue even though our sessions have ended, but for the journey he took me through in our sessions. These have changed me as a person, and no matter how small I personally think the change is in me, it is the impact and improvement on the relationships that I am experiencing with both the people I work with on a daily basis but also my family that is the bonus.
A client 2013 (4 meetings)