Finding freedom from troubling memories

Having been sent to see Joe by work I had the typical male response that I don't need any of this and why should I go,but decided to give it a go. On meeting Joe I found him to be very pleasant and actually quite funny. After our first session he had suggested that I try the EMDR Treatment at first I was quite sceptical but decided I would give it a chance. After the first attempt at the EMDR, I had my reservations about it even more but still continued with the treatment. Who would think that placing a couple of vibrating paddles in your hands would enable you to deal with life horrors. It was not until the third session that I began to see the first signs of a breakthrough and I realised that it was indeed helping me to deal with the issues that I had buried deep inside my head, which until now I never knew how to. What I found was that it allowed me to leave the horrors of the outside world at the door and the confidence to deal with my baggage at an adult level and not keep them trapped inside my head where they could not be dealt with. I am so glad that I didn't act like your typical male and think I'm too hard to try anything like this and everything will go away eventually. If anybody has any reservations about trying the treatment leave them at the door and go for it - IT REALLY WORKS To Joe I send my many thanks for everything that we achieved together no matter how small we think the change is in ourselves is, it's makes a massive difference to the people we love.
A client.(2013) 8 meetings