Driving anxiety lifts

I was recommended to Joe by an acquaintance who believed the techniques he uses would benefit me. I had an incident shortly after passing my driving test and this resulted in me developing a fear of being in control of a car . Occasionally I would take to the road but I found myself increasingly hiding behind excuses why I shouldn't drive until I reached a point where I stopped completely. It had been nearly twenty years since I had driven a car when I went to Joe for help. I must admit I was sceptical when he explained the technique to me, this being watching a light move from side to side and following it with my eyes, but I put my faith in him. It was hard not to, he is a fantastic man, knowledgeable, funny and sincere. I had never done anything like that before in my life, opening up to someone, but I felt comfortable confiding in him. It was as we chatted, that other events started to attract his attention. I always had anger and anxiety issues and "detective" Joe traced these back to a single event in my early years that he believed might be the root of my problems, my fear of driving included. To me, what had happened was just another childhood event, not particularly dramatic, but he had the skill to realise that it had had a huge impact on my young brain. He worked on this using EDMR (Google it). I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. He sometimes refers to the technique as witchcraft and believe me that is what it felt like. Where previously I would have expected my anger or anxiety to surface, I realised that the usual building from within did not happen. I found myself remaining in control of the situation and not losing out to my temper or fears. I was able to remain rational and functional, I am now in control of myself and not relying on the child within me for answers, ( I'll let Joe explain that to you). As for the driving, I am now back behind the wheel with none of the anxiety that forced me to quit. I am taking lessons again to build my confidence and technique, and I expect to be driving normally in a couple of weeks. I am also enjoying a relationship with my parents that I never thought I would ever have, as an adult and not a frightened child. As I said, I was sceptical but sometimes in life we must trust the judgement of others and thanks to the recommendation, the EDMR, and Joe (although he won't thank me for suggesting he had anything to do with my "cure"), I am now the person I always wished I could be. I am enjoying life probably more than I ever have done as I am free from the chains of anxiety and fear that for so long held me back. My only regret is that I did not do this when I was a lot younger. Thank you Joe.
A client, 6 meetings (2012)