Recovery from panic attacks

I can only thank Joe from the bottom of my heart for helping and curing me of my anxiety. Anxiety and panic attacks were a daily occurance, sometimes 3 a day, which i can only describe as physically exhausting and the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. Joe was welcoming from the start, always able to crack an Irish joke at the right moment! I had EMDR treatment, which like others have said, is amazing, and had no idea i had remembered all these thoughts from years ago that turned out to be affecting my day-to-day life. So we went back to the start and dealt with all the issues one by one, and after each EMDR session felt like a piece of the jigsaw had fallen into place. If anyone ever said to me what EMDR treatment is like, i would simply say life changing. I now live a panic attack free life, and know techniques I can use if I ever do feel like one is on its way. Joe is amazing! I also quite like his cats! :) ' Thanks Joe
A client (2012) 6 meetings