So much happier

Before I met Joe I was carrying a lot of bad memories from my childhood around with me, feeling guilty and blaming myself, but had always kept them to myself. After an incident at work where I was assaulted quite badly, I suffered with the after effects, including 'Post Traumatic Stress'. After seeing another counsellor I was advised by them to seek help from someone who specalised in trauma therapies and the use of EMDR as they felt this would help me much more. Looking on the internet, I came across the web site for 'Beechmount', which offered EMDR therapy. So I decided to give them a ring. As soon as I spoke to Joe on the phone I just knew that I would be able to talk to him, as he straight away put me at my ease. Over the course of several sessions with Joe, all my problems came flooding out, including my childhood memories, and through the process of EMDR they have ceased to be problems anymore. Now I am so much happier and have confidence in myself. I am ready to move on and have decided to start up my own business; something I would never have considered a few months ago, but it just feels so right somehow.
A client. (2011) 6 meetings