I find it odd sometimes to call myself a stress manager, when I find myself in two minds as to whether there is such a thing as stress or not.  Of course, our bodies have a stress response which activates various systems to enable us to fight or fly when we are threatened.  This acute stress response describes what happens in our bodies when we perceive ourselves to be in at risk or in danger.  This is temporary stress and it causes changes in the body that prepare it for "fight of flight. This type of stress is actually good for the body provided it is triggered by a situation in which we are in real danger.   

When it comes to what we typically call stress, I prefer to talk about pressure and our ability to cope with pressure. People perform at their best when their ability to cope and the pressure they are under are a good match.  So some stress can help us get the best out of ourselves.  A deadline can spur us on; we can be inspired by a challenge or motivated by a target.  When there is little pressure, someone with lots of ability gets bored.  They suffer rust-out.  Burn-out is the other extreme, where the pressure and the demands have become all too much.  

Burnout is what gives rise to what is called chronic stress.  Chronic stress, stress that is never resolved, can damage the body and lead to chronic illness resulting from inflammation, suppressed immune function, and cognitive difficulties.  

Being of a worrying disposition myself, I have had to become pretty nimble in dealing with pressure and anxiety in my own life.  I now regard dealing with stress as fairly easy to manage and I help others to do the same.  That should give me plenty to write about during the coming weeks.