Performance Coaching

Are you aiming high as a business leader or manager?  
We can help make your vision reality.

Our performance coach will enable to you work out your future direction by fully addressing the ‘here and now’ and identifying the actions you really need to take.

By identifying what truly inspires you and developing your inner clarity and motivation, you will develop powerful new ways to move towards and realise your vision.  With the help of your coach,youlead the way and design your own strategies, solutions and goals. 

Our coach, Joe Kearney, is highly skilled and experienced in his field. He combines coaching with the capacity of EMDR to bring rapid and lasting change.  


EMDR-based performance coaching helps you to:

  • Identify the goals and outcomes you want
  • Clarify the values that inspire you
  • Identify what’s interfering with your performance
  • Come up with the best and most appropriate ways to remove blocks to performance
  • Learn new ways to focus on, and apply your unique qualities and strengths

Some barriers to performing well at work as a manager are:

  • Fears of repeating a past failure
  • Perfectionism
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Fear of success
  • ‘Burn-out’ or ‘bored-out’
  • Trying to achieve someone else’s goals
  • Unhelpful reactions triggered by trauma (recent or childhood)
  • Deficits in reading, writing, calculation or memory